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Publication resumed in January 2007.

This information is effective as of November 15, 2007.

New subscriptions are being started with the January or July issue
(nearest to the date that your order is received).
Current subscriptions affected by the hiatus have been adjusted so
that subscribers get a full complement of issues.
If you wish to cancel your subscription and get a refund,
see “Our Refund Policy,” and E-mail us, click here

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$54.00 / $91.00* / $136.00*

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USA / Canada / Foreign

1 Year (12 issues)
$27.00 / $43.00* / $60.00*

2 Years (24 issues)
$54.00 / $86.00* / $120.00*

*Due to the USPSs increase in Canadian and foreign postage rates,
we’re compelled to raise our Canadian/foreign subscription rates.

Regular price: $60.00 per year (12 issues)

U.S. rates are 50% off. Canadian and foreign rates are also discounted. The rates listed here reflect the additional postage rates charged by the USPS.

Note: We are proud to have kept our prices down for many years. Despite several increases in USPS postage rates, DEAF LIFE didn’t increase its per-copy price since it began monthly publication in1988—until now. Because of current economic conditions, it’s time for us to change. We’ve been compelled to raise our per-copy rate to $5.00. This will enhance our company’s productivity. But please note that subscribers still get substantial discounts!

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